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Best airline to fly to japan

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Are you excited about visiting Japan? Japan is a beautiful country with amazing places to see and things to do. But first, you need to know the best way to get there. Choosing the Best Airline to Fly to Japan is very important. This guide will help you pick the best airline for a great trip to Japan.

Why Qatar Airways is the Best Airline to Fly to Japan

One of the best airlines to fly to Japan is Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways has won many awards and is known for being very good. Here are some reasons why Qatar Airways is the best choice:

  • World’s Best Airline: Qatar Airways has been voted the best airline in the world many times.
  • Great Service: They have won awards for their excellent business class, lounges, and dining.
  • Many Destinations: Qatar Airways flies to over 170 places around the world.

What Makes Qatar Airways Special?

Qatar Airways is not just any airline. They have some special things that make them stand out:

  • Best Business Class: They have the best business class in the world, making your trip very comfortable.
  • Best Airport: Their main airport, Hamad International Airport, has been voted the best airport in the world.
  • Environmental Care: They care about the environment and are the first airline in the Middle East to follow the highest environmental standards.

Book Early And Save More

If you want to save money, it is a good idea to book your flight early. Qatar Airways has special deals that can help you save money on your trip to Japan. Start planning your next trip and take advantage of their latest flight deals.

Why People Love Qatar Airways

Many people love flying with Qatar Airways because of the excellent service and comfort they provide. Here are some reasons why people love Qatar Airways:

  • Comfortable Seats: They have very comfortable seats, especially in business class.
  • Delicious Food: The food on Qatar Airways flights is very tasty, with many options to choose from.
  • Friendly Staff: The staff on Qatar Airways flights are very friendly and helpful.

Great For Families

Qatar Airways is also great for families. They have special services and amenities for kids, making sure that your little explorers have a memorable and enjoyable journey. When you board the plane, kids get a surprise pack filled with games, puzzles, and fun facts to keep them engaged.

Best Airline to Fly to Japan: Top Choices for Comfort & Value

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How to Make Your Trip Even Better

Here are some tips to make your trip to Japan with Qatar Airways even better:

  • Upgrade Your Seat: You can upgrade to a luxurious business or first class for more comfort.
  • Check Baggage Allowance: Make sure to check the baggage allowance on your ticket so you know how many bags you can bring.
  • Use Cash + Avios: Save money by using Cash + Avios to part-pay for your upgrade with Avios.

Other Great Airlines to Fly to Japan

While Qatar Airways is a fantastic choice, there are other great airlines you can consider for your trip to Japan:

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly to Japan. Here are some reasons why:

  • Direct Flights: They offer many direct flights to different cities in Japan.
  • Great Service: Japan Airlines is known for its excellent service and hospitality.
  • Comfortable Seating: They have comfortable seating options, especially in business class.

All Nippon Airways (ana)

Another great airline to fly to Japan is All Nippon Airways (ANA). Here are some reasons why:

  • High-Quality Service: ANA is known for its high-quality service and friendly staff.
  • Many Routes: They offer many routes to different cities in Japan.
  • Comfortable Seats: Their seats are very comfortable, making your journey pleasant.
Best Airline to Fly to Japan: Top Choices for Comfort & Value

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Things to Do in Japan

Once you arrive in Japan, there are so many fun things to do. Here are some ideas:

Visit Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and a must-visit place. You can see:

  • Tokyo Tower: A famous tower with a great view of the city.
  • Shibuya Crossing: The busiest crossing in the world.
  • Disneyland: A magical place to have fun with your family.

Explore Kyoto

Kyoto is another beautiful city in Japan. You can visit:

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine: A famous shrine with thousands of red gates.
  • Kinkaku-ji: Also known as the Golden Pavilion, a beautiful temple.
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove: A stunning bamboo forest to walk through.

Enjoy Japanese Food

Japanese food is delicious. Here are some foods you must try:

  • Sushi: A famous Japanese dish made with rice and fish.
  • Ramen: A tasty noodle soup with different flavors.
  • Tempura: Fried seafood or vegetables, very crispy and yummy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Airline To Fly To Japan?

Japan Airlines (JAL) offers top-notch service and comfort. ANA (All Nippon Airways) is another excellent option for flying to Japan.

Which Airline Has The Best Business Class To Japan?

342x342 Luggage Stack

ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Japan Airlines (JAL) both provide exceptional business class services to Japan, ensuring a luxurious experience.

How Can I Find Cheap Flights To Japan?

Book early, use flight comparison websites, and subscribe to airline newsletters for the best deals on flights to Japan.


In conclusion, the Best Airline to Fly to Japan is Qatar Airways. They provide excellent service, comfort, and many destinations to choose from. Book your flight early to save money and make your trip unforgettable. Don’t forget to check out other great airlines like Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways (ANA) as well.

Start planning your next trip and book your flight with Qatar Airways here. Have a great time in Japan!