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Best Tourist Place in Rajshahi Division: Unveiling Hidden Gems

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Rajshahi Division, located in the northwestern part of Bangladesh, is a treasure trove of attractions.

In this post, we’ll explore the best tourist places that you must visit in Rajshahi Division.

The Land of Mango and Silk

Rajshahi is often called the land of mango and silk for its famous fruits and fabrics.

1. Varendra Research Museum

This museum tells the story of ancient Bengal.

It is one of the first museums in Bangladesh.

2. The Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur

These ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The place has a lot to teach us about old Buddhist monks.


3. Mahasthangarh

This ancient city has tales of 3rd century B.C. to see.

It’s one of the oldest archaeological sites in Bangladesh.

4. Bagha Mosque

Bagha Mosque is known for its lovely colored tiles.

It’s a fine example of ancient Islamic architecture.

5. Puthia Temple City

This area has many old Hindu temples.

Its history and designs are very rich and grand.

Best Tourist Place in Rajshahi Division: Unveiling Hidden Gems

Credit: www.amazon.com

Best Tourist Place in Rajshahi Division: Unveiling Hidden Gems

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6. Padma River

See the sunset on Padma River for a magical moment.

Boat rides here are peaceful and very pretty.

7. Chhoto Sona Mosque

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This mosque shows the golden age of Bengal kings.

Its walls tell tales of old days.

8. Shiv Temple

It’s said that this temple has healing powers.

People come to pray for health and peace.

9. Shona Mosque

The Shona Mosque shines with gold and beauty.

Its history and art are both rich.

10. Natore Royal Palace

Once home to kings and queens, now tells royal stories.

The palace is a big part of our history.

What Makes Rajshahi Special?

  • The city is home to many mango gardens.
  • It’s known for its sweet and juicy mangoes.
  • Fine silk, which is very soft, also comes from here.
  • Rajshahi silk is famous in the whole country.

Best Time To Visit Rajshahi Division

October to March is the best time for a visit.

The weather is nice and perfect for sightseeing.

Where To Stay In Rajshahi

Hotel Name Type Price Range
Hotel Nice International Luxury $$$
Hotel Red Castle Mid-Range $$
Green View Guest House Budget $

How To Get Around Rajshahi Division

Auto-rickshaws and rickshaws are common for travel.

You can also hire a car for more comfort.

Tips For Tourists

  • Try local mangoes; they’re the best you can have.
  • Visit during mango season for a special treat.
  • Carry light clothes; the weather can be hot!
  • Always use sunscreen when going out.
  • Respect all the historical places you visit.


Rajshahi has much to offer to everyone.

From history lovers to nature fans, it’s a perfect place.

Don’t wait anymore, plan your trip to Rajshahi today!

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Tourist Place In Rajshahi Division: Unveiling Hidden Gems

What Are Top Attractions In Rajshahi Division?

The Rajshahi Division boasts must-visit sites like the Varendra Research Museum, Puthia Temple Complex, and the Bagha Mosque, which captivate tourists with their historical significance and architectural beauty.

Can You Explore Nature In Rajshahi?

Yes, the serene Chalan Beel, vast mango groves, and Padma River provide ample opportunities for tourists to immerse themselves in Rajshahi’s natural splendor.

Where To Find Rajshahi’s Best Cuisine?

Local delicacies in Rajshahi can be best experienced at popular eateries specializing in traditional Bangladeshi cuisine, often celebrated for their mouthwatering sweets and mango dishes.

How Accessible Are Tourist Spots In Rajshahi?

Rajshahi’s tourist spots are well-connected by road, with options like rickshaws, buses, and taxis available for convenient transit to the division’s various attractions.