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How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

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How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh? To obtain a new passport in Bangladesh, applicants need to visit the Department of Immigration and Passports office or their website. They must complete the application process, including document submission and biometric enrollment.

Navigating the process of acquiring a new passport in Bangladesh can be straightforward when you know the right steps to follow. A passport serves as a vital travel document for Bangladeshi citizens, enabling international travel and serving as proof of identity and nationality.

The Department of Immigration and Passports, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, manages the issuance of new passports in Bangladesh. With the advent of online services, the initial part of the application can be conveniently done through the official portal. This simplified process has significantly reduced wait times and made it more accessible to the general populace. Applicants are required to fill out the necessary forms, prepare the required documents, and pay the applicable fees. This introduction lays the groundwork for anyone looking to understand the requisites and steps involved in acquiring a fresh passport in Bangladesh.

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

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Eligibility Criteria For Bangladeshi Passport

Securing a Bangladeshi passport requires meeting specific eligibility criteria. Let’s break down these requirements, including national stipulations and age-related conditions. Understanding these will ensure a smooth application process.

National Requirements

Citizenship is the foremost criterion for passport eligibility. Applicants must provide proof in the form of a National ID (NID) or a Birth Certificate. Below is a table listing national requirements:

Document Requirement
National ID (NID) Mandatory for adults
Birth Certificate Mandatory for all applicants
Voter Information Confirmation needed for adults

Age Restrictions

Age plays a key role in the application process. Different age groups follow unique protocols:

  • Adults (18 and over): Must apply with own NID and documentation.
  • Minors (below 18): Require a legal guardian to handle the process.

All applicants, irrespective of age, need a valid Birth Certificate. This establishes identity and nationality.

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

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Gathering The Necessary Documents

Before you can hold your new passport in your hand, you need to start at the beginning. Gathering the right documents is your first step towards a smooth passport application process in Bangladesh. This guide will walk you through each type of document you need. From proving your identity to ensuring your photographs meet the specifications, follow these guidelines closely.

Proof Of Identity

You must prove who you are to get a new passport. This can usually be done with a National ID card. Other forms of identity proofs include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Government-issued IDs

Proof Of Citizenship

Showing that you are a Bangladeshi citizen is critical. Use these documents to prove your citizenship:

  1. National ID Card
  2. Birth Certificate with parents’ names
  3. Current passport (if renewing)

Photograph Specifications

Your passport photo is a vital part of the application. The photo must follow these rules:

Size 45mm x 35mm
Background Plain white
Expression Neutral, mouth closed
Glasses If worn, no reflections
Headgear Only for religious reasons

Remember to bring original documents and photocopies. The passport office will check them. Ready all your papers and move to the next step with confidence!

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

Application Process Breakdown

Ready to embark on an adventure or renew your passport? The Application Process Breakdown for a new passport in Bangladesh is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to complete the process with ease.

Online Application Submission

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To start, visit the official Passport Application website for Bangladesh (www.passport.gov.bd). This starts your journey to a new passport.

  1. Fill out the form with accurate information.
  2. Attach a recent photograph according to the guidelines.
  3. Ensure you have a valid email for confirmation.

Once submitted, you will receive an application ID, keep it safe.

Scheduling An Appointment

With the application ID, you will schedule an appointment. Log in to the website and select a date and time slot.

Fee Payment Methods

Next, pay the passport fee. You can pay using:

  • Sonali Bank: Visit a branch for cash payments.
  • Online Banking: Use your bank’s online services.
  • Mobile Banking: Services like bKash or Rocket allow payments.

Keep the payment receipt as proof.

Type Cost Delivery Time
Regular 5,750 BDT 21 Days
Express 8,050 BDT 7 Days

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

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How Can I Get New Passport in Bangladesh?

Visiting The Passport Office

Securing a new passport in Bangladesh involves a critical step: visiting the passport office. Preparation is key to ensure a smooth process. This visit includes verifying documents, providing biometric data, and receiving instructions for any follow-up. A clear understanding of the expectations helps streamline the experience.

What To Expect

Be ready for a busy environment. Passport offices often have long queues and waiting times. Bring all necessary documents to prevent any setbacks. Ensure copies are clear and legible. Staff and signage will guide applicants through the various stages of the application process.

Biometric Data Collection

The passport office collects biometric data as an essential security measure. This includes fingerprints, a photograph, and a signature. All data must be captured accurately. Staff assistance is available for those needing help with the biometric machines.

Handling Delays And Inquiries

Passport issuance can face delays. Stay calm and approach the inquiry desk for assistance. Keep track of application numbers and have personal identification handy. For complex issues, an appointment may be necessary with a higher authority within the office.

Collecting The New Passport

Collecting the New Passport is a straightforward process after your application has been approved and processed in Bangladesh. This final stage hands you the key to international travel, but attention to details ensures a smooth transaction.

Notification Of Issue

The Department of Immigration and Passports (DIP) notifies applicants once their passport is ready. Notifications usually come via SMS or email. Make sure to check your inbox and spam folders regularly.

Verification Before Receipt

Upon receiving notification, complete the following steps for verification:

  • Provide Identification: Present the original copy of your national ID card.
  • Submission Slip: Show your application submission slip for reference.
  • Receipt Acknowledgement: Sign the necessary documents to acknowledge receipt of the new passport.

Proxy Collection Rules

If you cannot collect the passport in person, a proxy may do so on your behalf. The proxy must adhere to the following rules:

  1. An Authorization Letter signed by the applicant is mandatory.
  2. The proxy should have their own valid photo identification.
  3. Documentation proving their relationship or authority as a proxy should be clear.
Proxy Collection Documentation
Applicant Proxy Required Document
Adult Relative Relationship Proof
Authorized Person Authorization Letter & ID
Child Parent/Guardian Custody Proof
Authorized Person Authorization Letter & ID

Tips For A Smooth Passport Acquisition

Embarking on the journey to acquire a new passport in Bangladesh could seem daunting at first glance. Yet, it need not be a voyage filled with uncertainty. The right preparation and cognizance of the process can make obtaining a passport a breeze.

Checking Application Status

Stay updated on your passport application without hassle. Post-submission, you can easily check the status online. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official passport website.
  • Enter your application identification number.
  • View the current processing stage and any feedback provided.

Regular status checks prevent surprises and help you plan ahead confidently.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Applicants often encounter set-backs due to common errors. Steer clear of these mishaps for a smooth process:

  • Inaccurate information: Double-check all your details.
  • Missing documents: Prepare all required papers in advance.
  • Unclear photographs: Provide a recent, high-quality photo.

Attention to detail saves time and avoids further complications.

Renewal Vs. New Application

Understanding the difference between passport renewal and a new application is key:

Renewal New Application
For expired or soon-to-expire passports For first-time applicants or lost/stolen passports
Requires old passport details Requires a full set of required documentation
Often has a faster processing time May require an in-person appointment

Choose the right application type to suit your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Can I Get New Passport In Bangladesh?

What Documents Are Needed For A New Passport In Bangladesh?

To apply for a new passport in Bangladesh, you will need a birth certificate, national ID card, and proof of address. Additional documents may be required for certain applicants, such as minors or government employees.

How Much Does A Bangladeshi Passport Cost?

The cost for a new Bangladeshi passport varies by processing time. As of the last update, regular service (21 days) costs BDT 5,750, while express service (11 days) costs BDT 8,050 and Super Express delivery: BDT 10,350. Fees may change, so check the latest figures.

Can I Apply For A Bangladeshi Passport Online?

Yes, you can start your Bangladeshi passport application online through the Department of Immigration & Passports website. You’ll need to fill out the form and upload the necessary documents before visiting a passport office.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A New Passport In Bangladesh?

The standard processing time for a new Bangladeshi passport is approximately 21 days for regular service. For express service, it can be as quick as 11 days. Delays can occur, so apply early if possible.


Securing a new passport in Bangladesh requires a structured approach and attention to detail. Begin with gathering the necessary documents, then apply online or via the designated offices. Remember, thorough preparation simplifies the process, leading you to a successful application.

Ready to embark on your next journey? Your new passport awaits.