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How Much Bank Balance is Required for Uk Visa?

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Discover how to secure your UK visa with the right financial planning. How Much Bank Balance is Required for Uk Visa?


Planning a trip to the UK can be an exciting adventure. Yet, getting a UK visa demands some careful money management. The UK visa application asks you to show you have enough money. This is for your stay without needing public funds. Let’s understand what it means for travellers.

Why Bank Balance Matters for UK Visa

The UK government wants to ensure visitors can support themselves. A good bank balance can prove this. It shows you have the money for your trip costs. This includes your place to stay, food, and travel while you are there.

How Much Bank Balance is Required for Uk Visa?


The Specifics of the Bank Balance Required

Visa TypeMinimum Bank Balance Required
Tourist VisaVaries
Student VisaVaries
Work VisaVaries

The exact amount varies based on the length of stay and visa type.

The right bank balance is not the same for everyone. It changes for each person based on their visa type. Let’s look into the different visas and what they need.

Tourist Visa Requirements

If you are visiting the UK for fun, you need to show enough money for your trip. This includes where you will stay and what you will do. Each person should plan to have at least £100 per day.

How Much Bank Balance is Required for Uk Visa?


Student Visa Requirements

Coming to study? You need more money. You must show funds for your course fees and living costs. You may need about £1,265 per month if you study in London, and less if you study outside.

Work Visa Requirements

If you’re coming to work, you need to show you can support yourself. Until you get your first paycheck, have some savings. About £945 is a safe amount to have in your bank for 90 days before applying.

How to Prove Your Bank Balance

To prove your bank balance, you must give bank statements. These need to be from the last six months. They must show your money and where it comes from. Make sure your name and details are clear on these papers.

What If Your Bank Balance Is Not Enough?

Do not worry if you think your money is not enough. There are other ways to show you can fund your visit. You can use documents from a sponsor or a family member’s bank details. This person must then fill out a sponsorship form.

Tips for Ensuring Sufficient Funds

  • Start saving money early for your trip.
  • Keep your bank balance steady or increasing.
  • Avoid big changes in your bank account before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Uk Visa?

What Determines Uk Visa Bank Balance?

The required bank balance for a UK Visa depends on your specific visa type, length of stay, and personal circumstances, such as supporting family members.

How Much Money For Uk Tourist Visa?

For a UK Tourist Visa, you should ideally show funds to cover your trip expenses, accommodations, and an extra £50 to £100 per day.

Is Bank Statement Mandatory For Uk Visa?

Yes, a bank statement is mandatory for a UK Visa to prove financial stability and that you can support yourself during your stay.

Can I Sponsor Myself For A Uk Visa?

Absolutely, you can sponsor yourself by providing evidence of sufficient personal funds when applying for a UK Visa.


Planning your UK visa application requires knowing about money matters. The bank balance you need depends on the visa type. Tourist, student, or work, every visa has its own rules. Save well, and provide the right documents to enjoy a great time in the UK.

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