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How to Go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka by Train?

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How to Go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka by Train? Welcome to the magical journey from Dhaka to Sajek Valley by train! If you’re a kid, or just young at heart, grab your parents and let’s start this fun trip together. Sajek Valley is called the Queen of Hills in Bangladesh. It’s a place where clouds play with the mountains. A train journey is a safe and cozy way to get close to nature. Let’s hop on that train and start our adventure!


How to Go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka by Train?

Step 1: Choose Your Train

First, we need to pick a train. Dhaka has many trains going towards Sajek. They have names like ‘Express’ and ‘Mail’. To make it easy, we’ll focus on the best ones. They are clean, safe, and most important, on time!

Best Trains To Use:

  • Subarna Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Turna Nishitha

Step 2: Know When the Train Leaves

Next, we need to check the train schedule. We don’t want to miss our ride! Below is a table of times and days when trains leave. Remember to look at it with a grown-up. They’ll help you pick the right time.

TrainLeaving TimeDays
Subarna Express07:00 AMEveryday except Friday
Mahanagar Godhuli04:35 PMEveryday
Turna Nishitha11:30 PMEveryday


Step 3: Buying the Train Ticket

Then, we need to buy our train tickets. You can either go to the Dhaka Railway Station or buy them online using a computer. If you’re not sure how, ask a grown-up for help. It’s important to buy tickets early. Trains to Sajek can get full quickly!

Where To Buy Tickets:

  • From the Dhaka Railway Station or any railway ticket counter.
  • Online from the Bangladesh Railway’s website.

Step 4: Packing Your Bag

Now, let’s pack our bags. We should take clothes, snacks, a camera, and maybe a toy. Here’s a list of what you should pack:

Packing List:

  1. Comfy clothes for the journey
  2. A light jacket (Sajek can be breezy)
  3. Yummy snacks and a water bottle
  4. Your camera (for those amazing views)
  5. A good book or a toy (for entertainment)
How to Go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka by Train?


Step 5: Getting to the Dhaka Railway Station

Before your train leaves, get to the Dhaka Railway Station. It’s always busy and crowded. Arrive at least an hour early. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to find your train and seats.

Step 6: The Train Ride

On the train, find your seats. Sit back and watch the world zoom by. You’ll see fields, rivers, and so many birds. It’s like a picture book come to life!

Step 7: Reaching Your Destination

Trains go to Khagrachari first. It’s the closest station to Sajek. When you get off the train, you’re not in Sajek yet. But don’t worry! We are almost there.

Step 8: From Khagrachari to Sajek Valley

Finally, from Khagrachari, take a jeep or ‘Chander Gari’. It will take you to Sajek Valley. The ride is bumpy but very fun! It’s like a roller coaster!


You made it to Sajek Valley! Get ready for cool air, clouds, and mountains. Have the best time ever! Maybe you’ll meet new friends or see a rainbow. Keep your eyes open for all the fun surprises!

Tips for a Smooth Journey

  • Always listen to your parents or guardians.
  • Keep an eye on your things.
  • Take pictures, but also look with your eyes. Memories are important!
  • Be kind to other travelers.
  • Wear your seatbelt in the jeep. Safety first!

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to go to Sajek Valley from Dhaka by train. May your journey be safe, fun-filled, and unforgettable. And remember, adventure awaits!

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