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How to Pay E-Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh?

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How to Pay E-Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh?

Getting your passport in Bangladesh is now easier than ever. Thanks to the e-payment system, you can pay the e-passport fee online.

With this guide, anyone can pay their passport fee from home. Let’s take you through the step-by-step process.

How to Pay E-Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh?

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How to Pay E-Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh?

Step 1: Visit the Passport Website

Step 2: Select Online Application

  • Click on the ‘Online Application’ option.
  • Fill in your application details.

Application Details Table

NameDate of BirthNational ID Number
Enter your nameEnter your date of birthEnter your NID number

Step 3: Payment Option

  • After filling the form, look for the ‘Payments’ section.
  • Choose the payment method you prefer.

Available Payment Methods

  1. Mobile Banking (bKash, Rocket)
  2. Debit/Credit Cards
  3. Internet Banking

Step 4: Mobile Banking Payment

Below, we’ll explain how to pay by mobile banking.

Bkash Payment

  • Dial 247#.
  • Select ‘Payment’.
  • Enter the Merchant bKash Account No. XXXX.
  • Type the Amount to pay.
  • Enter your Menu PIN.
  • Save the Transaction ID for reference.

Step 5: Debit/Credit Card Payment

Paying with a card is simple too.

  • Choose ‘Card Payment’ option.
  • Enter your card details carefully.
  • Fill in the cardholder name, number, expiry, and CVV.
  • Confirm the payment with an OTP sent to your phone.
How to Pay E-Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh?

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Step 6: Internet Banking Payment

Internet Banking is handy for computer users.

  • Select ‘Internet Banking’ as your payment method.
  • Choose your bank from the list provided.
  • Log in with your internet banking credentials.
  • Approve the payment transaction.

Step 7: Confirm Payment

After completing the payment, make sure to confirm it.

  • Check your email or SMS for payment confirmation.
  • Print or save the receipt.

How to Apply for Epassport BD?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Transaction fees may apply.
  • Make sure to enter exact amounts.
  • Your internet connection should stay stable.
  • Never share your OTP with anyone.
  • Keep a record of your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Pay E-passport Fee Online In Bangladesh?

How Do I Initiate An E-passport Fee Payment?

To pay the e-passport fee online in Bangladesh, start by visiting the official immigration website and navigating to the e-services or payment section.

Can Payment Be Made Through Mobile Banking?

Yes, mobile banking platforms such as bKash, Rocket, and Nagad can be used for e-passport fee payments in Bangladesh.

What Credit Cards Are Accepted?

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are typically accepted for online e-passport fee transactions in Bangladesh.

Is Online Payment For E-passport Secure?

Online payment for e-passports in Bangladesh employs secure encryption, ensuring your financial details are protected during the transaction.


Paying your e-passport fee online in Bangladesh is quick and easy.

Follow these steps and get your payment done in no time.

If you face any issues, contact the passport customer care.