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What Documents are Needed for E-Passport in Bangladesh?

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What Documents are Needed for E-Passport in Bangladesh?

Applying for an e-Passport in Bangladesh? Know the necessary documents.

Introduction to E-Passport

An e-passport contains an electronic chip. It holds your data. It’s secure and hard to fake. Bangladesh now offers e-passports to its citizens.

What Documents are Needed for E-Passport in Bangladesh?


Who Needs an E-Passport?

  • Everyone needs an e-passport for overseas travel.
  • Without one, you may not travel abroad.

What Documents are Needed for E-Passport in Bangladesh?

Gather these papers to apply for your e-passport.

  1. National ID Card (NID): Shows you are a citizen.
  2. Birth Certificate: Proves when you were born.
  3. Old Passport (if any): Shows your travel history.
  4. Utility Bills: Prove where you live.
  5. Photos: Passport size and recent ones.

Some might need extra papers. Let’s find out.

Detailed Document List

Applicant TypeEssential DocumentsAdditional Notes
AdultsNID Birth Certificate PhotosSome may need to show job details.
Children (below 18)Birth Certificate Photos Guardian’s NIDParents must give consent.
Senior CitizensNID Birth Certificate PhotosMay get fee discounts.
Government EmployeesNID Birth Certificate Photos Work IDMust show work approval.
StudentsNID (if available) Birth Certificate Photos Student IDUniversity students need a letter.
Detailed Document List

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply

  1. Collect your papers.
  2. Fill out the form online.
  3. Submit your form and papers.
  4. Pay the fees.
  5. Get your fingerprint taken.
  6. Wait for your e-passport.

Photograph Requirements

Your photos must be:

  • Clear and in focus.
  • Recent (not older than 6 months).
  • Passport size (45mm x 35mm).
  • In front of a white background.

Cost and Processing Time

  • The cost depends on the number of pages.
  • Processing usually takes a few weeks.

Renewing Your E-Passport

  • You must renew your e-Passport every five or ten years.
  • Do this before your current passport expires.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Documents Are Needed For E-passport In Bangladesh?

What Is An E-passport In Bangladesh?

An e-passport, also known as a biometric passport, incorporates advanced security features with an embedded electronic chip containing the holder’s personal data.

Are Photocopies Required For E-Passport Application?

Yes, photocopies of the necessary personal identification documents are required when applying for an e-Passport in Bangladesh.

How To Apply For Bangladesh E-Passport Online?

To apply for an e-Passport online in Bangladesh, visit the official Department of Immigration and Passports website and follow the application procedure.

What Age Requires A Birth Certificate For An E-passport?

Individuals of all ages applying for an e-passport in Bangladesh must present a valid birth certificate as part of the required documentation.


Just remember the documents you need. Then, follow the steps to apply.

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