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What is the Fees for E-Passport in Bangladesh?

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What is the Fees for E-Passport in Bangladesh? Getting an e-passport is important for travel. Bangladesh offers this modern passport to its citizens. The e-passport is also called a biometric passport. It uses secure technology to keep your information safe.

We will talk about what an e-passport costs. This will help you plan and save for your e-passport.

Fees for E-Passport

E-passport fees depend on the pages and how fast you need it.

The government has set different prices based on these. There are regular and express service options.

Type of Service48 Pages64 Pages
Regular (21 days)BDT 5,750BDT 6,325
Express (11 days)BDT 8,050BDT 8,625
Super Express (05 days)BDT 10,350BDT 12,075
Fees For e-passport

How to Apply for an E-Passport

  1. Fill in the application form online.
  2. Choose a nearby passport office.
  3. Select the type of service you need.
  4. Pay the fee based on your choice.

After paying, you need to give your biometrics. This means taking your fingerprints and photo. When this is done, wait for your passport to be ready.

E-Passport Renewal Costs

  • Renewing your e-Passport costs the same.
  • You can renew it before it expires.
  • To renew, fill in the application form and pay the fee.
  • Then, visit the passport office like before.

Tips for a Smooth Application Process

  • Check all your details before you submit.
  • Make sure your documents are ready.
  • Plan and apply for your passport early.
  • Keep your payment proof safe.
  • Know the status of your passport online.

Follow these steps to avoid any problems.

What is the Fees for E-Passport in Bangladesh?


Extra Costs to Consider

  • There may be some other small costs.
  • This could be for photocopies or photos.
  • Also, if you make mistakes, there might be extra fees.
  • Keep some extra money just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The Fees For E-passport In Bangladesh?

How Much Is The E-passport Fee In Bangladesh?

The e-passport fee in Bangladesh varies based on its validity and the delivery type; the regular 48-page, 5-year validity passport costs BDT 5,750, while an urgent one costs BDT 8,050.

Can I Apply For E-passport Online In Bangladesh?

Yes, applicants can initiate the e-passport application process online through the Bangladesh government’s dedicated e-passport portal.

What Is The Renewal Fee For E-passport?

The renewal fee for e-passports in Bangladesh mirrors the initial fees: BDT 5,750 for regular processing and BDT 8,050 for urgent processing for a standard 48-page book.

Are There Extra Charges For E-passport Services?

Additional services like delivery may incur extra charges, but the core e-passport fees for application and renewal do not include hidden costs.


Bangladesh’s e-passport is a big step forward. With the right planning, applying for it is easy. We hope this information helps you get your e-Passport.

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