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Why is Bandarban Famous in Bangladesh?

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Why is Bandarban Famous in Bangladesh? Bandarban is a place of beauty in Bangladesh. It has hills, forests, and rivers. Kids and adults love to visit this place.


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Nature’s Marvel

Bandarban has mountains called the Arakan range. You can see pretty clouds around the peaks. Trekking is fun in Bandarban.

Attractions To See

  • Prantik Lake: A lake where you feel peace.
  • Nafa-khum: A waterfall to enjoy.
  • Chimbuk Hill: The third highest hill in Bangladesh.
  • Golden Temple: A beautiful place to feel calm.

Culture and People

People in Bandarban have their own culture. They sing, dance, and make crafts.

Table Of Ethnic Groups

Group NameLanguage
MarmaMarma Language
ChakmaChakma Language
TripuraKokborok Language

Bandarban’s Special Things

Bandarban is known for handmade clothes and bamboo things.

Why Visit Bandarban?

People like Bandarban for its beautiful sights like Nilachal.

Finding Peace at the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is a special place in Bandarban. It’s nice for short visits.



Adventures in Bandarban

If you like adventure, Bandarban is a good choice. You can climb hills and walk through forests.

How to Reach Bandarban

Bandarban is easy to reach from Chittagong. You can go by bus or car.

When to Visit Bandarban

The best time to visit is from November to March. The weather is nice then.


Tips for Travelers

  • Take care of nature. Please do not throw trash.
  • Always carry water.
  • Ask local people if you need help.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Is Bandarban Famous In Bangladesh?

What Is Bandarban District Famous For?

Bandarban District is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, including hills, waterfalls, and ethnic diversity.

Why I Should Visit Bandarban?

Explore Bandarban for stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and adventurous trekking through Bangladesh’s highest peaks.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Bandarban?

The ethnicity of Bandarban is diverse, primarily consisting of indigenous groups such as Marma, Chakma, Tripura, and others.

What Is The Meaning Of Bandarban?

Bandarban means “the dam of monkeys” in Bengali, signifying its rich wildlife and natural reserves.


Bandarban is a beautiful place in Bangladesh. Travelers like to come here for fun and to relax.

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