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Why is Sylhet Called London?

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Have you ever wondered why Sylhet is often referred to as “London”? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history behind this nickname and explore the reasons why Sylhet earned this unique moniker.

The British Influence

The connection between Sylhet and London dates back to the colonial era when the British Empire ruled over vast territories, including the Indian subcontinent. Sylhet, situated in present-day Bangladesh, was once under British rule, which significantly impacted the region’s history, culture, and infrastructure.

During the British era, many Sylhetis migrated to London for work and better opportunities, in search of a better life. This migration created strong bonds between the two places, bringing Sylhetis and Britons closer together. As a result, Sylhet began to adopt elements of British culture, leading to its comparison with London.


The Resemblance

Sylhet earned the nickname “London” due to its similarities to the British capital in various aspects. Let’s explore these resemblances:

  1. Education: Sylhet has a strong educational infrastructure, similar to London, with prestigious schools and colleges providing quality education to its residents. This emphasis on education has contributed to the intellectual development of Sylhet, making it a hub of knowledge just like London.
  2. Architecture: Sylhet boasts magnificent architectural structures that resemble the grandeur seen in London. From the historical Shah Jalal Mosque to the modern skyscrapers in the city, the architectural landscape of Sylhet leaves visitors awe-inspired, just like London’s iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
  3. Culinary Delights: Sylhet is renowned for its diverse and delicious cuisine. Just like London, Sylhet offers a culinary melting pot with a wide variety of international flavors. From traditional Bengali dishes to Asian and European cuisines, Sylhet’s food scene showcases diverse influences, similar to the multicultural culinary delights in London.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Sylhet has emerged as a hub for entrepreneurship, similar to London’s reputation as a global business center. The enterprising spirit of Sylhetis has led to the rise of successful businesses in various industries, reflecting the economic dynamism seen in London.

Sylhet’s Global Connections

Another reason behind Sylhet being called London is its strong global connections. Just as London is an international metropolis attracting people from all over the world, Sylhet has become a central hub for Bangladeshis living abroad.

The Sylheti diaspora, predominantly settled in the United Kingdom, has played a vital role in fostering cultural, economic, and social links between Sylhet and London. This has further strengthened the bond between Sylhet and its adopted nickname, as many Sylhetis have made London their second home.

Why is Sylhet Called London?


Frequently Asked Questions On Why Is Sylhet Called London?

Why Is Sylhet Known As ‘london Of Bangladesh’?

Sylhet is famous for its affluent expats and luxurious lifestyle reminiscent of London’s charm.

What Cultural Similarities Do Sylhet And London Share?

Sylhet’s multiculturalism, bustling markets, and tea culture reflect London’s diverse and vibrant essence.

How Did The Nickname ‘london Of Bangladesh’ Originate?

Sylhet’s economic prosperity and modernization parallel London’s status, leading to the endearing comparison.

What Are The Main Attractions That Resemble London In Sylhet?

The Grand Sylhet Hotel, tea gardens, and upscale shopping centers evoke London’s sophistication and elegance.


In conclusion, the nickname “London” given to Sylhet is rooted in historical, cultural, and social factors. Sylhet’s association with London is a testament to the strong British influence during the colonial period, as well as the ongoing connections between Sylhetis and Britons.

The resemblances between Sylhet and London in education, architecture, cuisine, and entrepreneurship add weight to this unique comparison.

So, next time you hear someone refer to Sylhet as “London,” you will understand the rich history and cultural connections behind this fascinating nickname!

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